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Pilot Boarding

The pilot(s) is transported via fast transport (pilot) vessels.  The vessel will be identifiable by standard day (international code flag “p”) and night signals specifying a pilot boat.  The fast transport (pilot) vessel will vary in size based on sea conditions.  For pilot boarding, we request the pilot ladder is rigged 1-2 meters (3-6 feet) – based on pilot boat size – above the water on the lee side at a slow speed (6-8 knots).

The pilot boat will monitor VHF-FM channels 13 and 16.  The working channels are 68 or 72.  The pilots’s land base monitor VHF-FM channels 16, 68 and 72.

Note: When a pilot boat is needed, rates may fluctuate based on the various launch boat (sizes) services provided. We will try and choose operators that provide a constant low cost that’s advantageous to our customers until a pilot vessel, in the future, is owned and operated by NW Gulf Federal Pilot(s). Surely, then, we’ll maintain a consistent and much lower cost for our customers. Appreciate your patience.

Note: In some rough seas, a larger vessel may be needed to transport a pilot to a rig or vessel for boarding via crane and personnel basket at a higher cost. This arrangement and extra fee is at the customers’ request or discretion. Its the pilot’s decision to cancel a job or to board the rig/vessel if it’s deemed risky and too dangerous.