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CANCELLATION If any request for service is cancelled within (2) hours of the time designated for the pilot to arrive at the vessel, customer shall pay the hourly charges ($157.00 / hour) calculated in 15 minute increments.  Conversely, if given (2) hour advance notice of the designated time – no charges.

DELAYS / STANDBY after the first 30 minute delay and pilot has boarded to provide services, vessel is ordered to postpone/standby by the captain; then customer shall pay the hourly charges ($277.40 / hour) for delays calculated in 15 minute increments, thereafter.  Unless due to weather conditions.

DRILLING RIGS and OTHER VESSELS pilotage service is provided to all floating mobile structures/vessels, Semisubmersibles, Jack-ups, MODU’s, Drill ships, deep water tows for construction barges and the like.

The Federal Pilot(s) may embark/disembark the rig in two ways when at sea – upon agreement: (1) via personnel basket from the rig’s crane, if applicable or (2) via helicopter at customer’s expense.

SHIFTING WITHIN OR BETWEEN PORTS pilotage is required to shift a vessel within a specific area (e.g., between two piers/docks /ports or terminals), such pilotage shall be charged at the hourly rate calculated in 15 minute increments.

Note: In rough seas, a larger vessel may be needed to transport a pilot to a rig or vessel for boarding via crane and personnel basket at a higher cost in addition to the normal pilotage fee.  Reminder, it’s the pilot’s decision to cancel a job and to board a rig/vessel if it’s deemed too risky and dangerous.

Note: The Federal Pilot reserves the right to cancel, refuse or postpone pilotage to any vessel for any reason when weather is a factor; when there’s restricted visibility; doubts about the customer’s vessel being safe to navigate; dangerous traffic conditions occurring, etc.